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5 Basic Things you should do After Installing WordPress

If you already familiar with WordPress, I believe you already know that make blog using WordPress is quite easy. If you already an expert on website design, I believe you can build WordPress blog in just 5 minutes. Actually, the challenge using WordPress begin after you finished the installation. Many people misunderstood things they should do after complete install WordPress for their blog. Many newbies do not know about this.

If you also one of the people who still do not know what things should be done after installing WordPress, here I share 5 important things to do after installing WordPress:wordpress

  1. Create a suitable blog’s tagline for your website that will describe your whole blog. With this tagline, visitors will understand the content of your blog just by looking the tagline.
  2. Change the permalink structures from Default to post name, day, and name, month, and name, or custom Do not choose numeric setting because it is not good for SEO.
  3. Search for a theme that matches with your personal taste does not worry almost all free WordPress theme that spread all over the internet are already responsive and SEO friendly. So we just need to pick the one that matches with our taste.
  4. Create and upload Favicon, this will make your logo easily remembered either by Google or by visitors. Favicon is a small image that appears on the upper left tab of your browser.
  5. Registered email at Gravatar. It seems trivial but, believe me, the existence of Gravatar will facilitate you in a relationship with other bloggers.

Well, that is all about the 5 things you should do after installing WordPress site. All helpful tips above is easy to be done, but if you still need professional help I recommend you to visit website to learn more about WordPress.