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Handicraft Art combined with Love: The Personalized Family Tree Papercut Art

For many people, family contains the closest people in their life. For that reason, there is a need to keep everyone together without any time and space boundary. There are actually a couple of ways to do that, but you might be bored with those and looking for a new, creative way. In that case, the personalized family tree papercut art that is produced by Twenty Fingers will make you happy. Different from a family tree that people arrange in their house using individual pictures, this one does not take much space at all.custom family tree

What is it then?

This papercut art puts the name of your family members together on a tree design. It can include up to 25 names on a 10” by 12” or 12” by 16” paper. The paper does not have to be white if you want other colors; you can just select one color that the family would like the best. The family tree will be covered with a glass that you can choose as well since Twenty Fingers offer two kinds of glass. There is the regular glass that photo frames usually have and there is a Premium Invisible TrueColor glass that is ultraviolet-resistant. With the TrueColor glass, your family tree will be preserved well not only from dust but also the sunlight.

Since it will be framed, it is not fair if you cannot make the design fit your style. Therefore, you are free to choose what color the frame will have. There are also two types of frames that you can select. Normal frames will give you a choice to put a background color to the family tree or floating frames can make it transparent. This Twenty Fingers’ signature art will look amazing it is situated in the front of a contrasting color.

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