You may already know that key clamps and galvanised steel tube are versatile and have lots of variation in their application. Below, we have some examples of the common and the not so common use of them.

The common use: as a handrail

The handrail is one of the most common applications of keyclamp and galvanised steel tube. The main functions of handrail are to provide key clampprotection from a fall and to ease the access to some location.

To fulfill the first function, as a protection from a fall, the handrail is installed on the roof. For the second function, usually, it is installed on non-flat surfaces.

The handrail installation varies from very short, flat runs through, to long and complicated rails where there are changes in elevation and height. People who use keyclamp and galvanised steel tube as handrail usually are the fencing companies, builder and ground worker.

Not so common use #1: fish tank shelf

That’s right. You can use them as fish tank shelf.

And no, we are not joking.

These two materials are that versatile. Let’s say that you are a pet shop owner and you want to create a showroom for your fish. One of the ways to make it come true is through using them as a platform, or shelf, for your fish tanks. That way, you can display the collection of fish you have.

Not so common use #2: parkour practice equipment

Parkour is a training discipline that involves many activities, such as running, jumping, rolling, climbing, swinging and vaulting. And parkour’s popularity is increasing. If you are one of its practitioners and you want to build your own training ground, consider keyclamp and galvanised steel tube. Because they are versatile and flexible, you can design it the way you want. Sure enough, it will help you train greatly.