medication training

Medication Training

Do you need a healthcare training provider who can give you medication training? If you do, you came to the right place. Caring for Care can provide you with such training.

What is it?

Caring for Care is a national healthcare training provider who has high-quality training with affordable price. They provide a lot of health care training courses. One of them is medication training. If you need more details, read below. Below, we have the details of the training they provide.


The training is aimed for people who are responsible for handling, administrating and disposing medication within a care environment. This training will improve the knowledge of the training participants of medications. This knowledge includes medication types, the various routes, the 6 R’s, errors and correct documentation. Also, the training will make the participants understand the current regulations and legislations.

The training

The training is divided into 14 sessions and last for 6 hours. Additional material can be made via request. Here are the sessions:healthcare training

1.    Regulations & current legislation
2.    Prescription drugs
3.    Prescriptions & labels
4.    Medicines and the elderly
5.    Ways to administer medication
6.    Safe storage of medication
7.    Refusal of medication
8.    Drug disposal
9.    Drug errors
10.    Paperwork including M.A.R. chart
11.    Administration of medication
12.    Demonstration of administering techniques
13.    Practical session
14.    Mock practical drug round (if appropriate to area of work)

After the training, the participants will have increased awareness of medication legislation and regulations. The participants will also aware of the dangers of drug errors, how to avoid that and the best respond if such event ever occurs. Caring for Care will give each participant a certificate of attendance. This certificate is valid for a period of one year.

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