epilepsy awareness training

The Epilepsy Awareness for Better Health

When we are in the medical training epilepsy awareness training is one of the important courses. Epilepsy is one of the disorders which happen in millions of people in the United States and it could be more in other countries. Epilepsy could be triggered by several conditions. Illness and injury could be caused. But, some of the epilepsy cases happen because of unknown causes. As the disorders located in the central nervous system, it could have bad effects in other parts of the body. Sometimes it could cause seizures which are unpredictable and it could affect the emotion.


The effect on the body

The effect of epilepsy can be seen from the body. Thus, the epilepsy awareness could be seen from the signs of the effect to the body. The  seizure could cause dazed and confused. It could make people who have epilepsy feel unaware and confused and it happens. Most of the times, they will not be able to respond anything. The seizure sometimes is preceded by a sense of impending disaster. We may know it as the aura. The sense of euphoria could be not as bright as other people who have not epilepsy. Then, the seizure is something that could be classified as a danger. It could cause death if it is not stopped immediately. All the seizures which happen could make them lose consciousness. They will not remember and hardly remember what happen to them. Epilepsy could cause signs in the eyes. It could be rapid eye movements, blinking, and staring. Those could the signs in the eyes of epilepsy. Epilepsy which causes seizure and the after effect of the seizure could make them sleepy or fatigued. Depression is one of the epilepsy signs. Epilepsy could develop clinical depression at some point in their lives.