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The Right Type of Aluminum Garden Furniture

After the building and arranging parts of our garden is done, we still need to choose the furniture.It is important for our beautiful garden for some reasons. First, it enhances the beauty of the garden. It will make our theme stand out. Second, we need furniture because well, where are we gonna sit if we don’t have one. To just sit in our garden and enjoy the view while the sun sets is a nice feeling. Or to have some friends come over and have a barbeque night is fun. And those activities require some sort of furniture.


The most popular type of furniture nowadays is the aluminium garden furniture. There are many types of aluminium garden furniture. But, which is the best aluminium garden furniture for our garden?

Best Aluminium Garden Furniture

Types of the furniture

There are usually five types of aluminium garden furniture in every store, the bistro set, casino ivy cast, leaf ivy cast, simple sun lounger, and the Tudor cast set.


Bistro set is what we usually see in outdoor setting restaurants. They look like the regular, simple dining table. The difference is the bistro set garden furniture made of aluminium for its frame. This type of table set usually set on a patio, overlooking our garden


Casino ivy cast usually designed in a classical yet contemporary look. The patterns are usually very roman or classic English with arches as accessories. This type of cast aluminium set can be used in many themes, such as formal garden, tropical garden, uptodryclimate garden.


At a glance, leaf ivy cast looks just like casino ivy cast. We can find the difference in the pattern. Just like the name, leaf ivy cast uses leaves as the main pattern. The shape is usually a simple rectangular with not much of accessories. Just like casino ivy cast, it can be used in a lot of garden settings, though not so much for a formal garden.


A simple sun lounger is what we call for that bench where we get tanned. It came with various designs. A sun longer usually is placed on a patio, far away from the trees. The only garden theme where the sun lounger doesn’t go well is the formal garden.

The last one, the Tudor cast set. Just like its name, the set looks a lot like a set of chair you might expect comes from the Tudor era. It has a stern look, which is great to be used in a dry setting or tropical garden theme. Click here and choose your garden furniture.

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